Friday, November 19, 2010

An Awesome Gift for Teachers

OMG! Eeek! I Just 'discovered' Dallas Clayton's Awesome Books and all I can say is WOW.

This is now at the top of the Christmas list.

My kiddos (I) NEED this book in their (my)lives.

Also, we are definitely getting the Awesome Book of Thanks for the kid's teachers this year.

You can read both books online here

If you haven't already read his blog, it's a must. There so much there that is inspiring, and truth, and simple, and beautiful.

Check it out:



Have you already taken
the greatest photograph that you will ever take?
What does it look like?
Where do you keep it?
How do you know?

As an adult
have you run
top speed
naked through a field?

More than once?

Have you been inside every
room in your house today?

How about every closet?

How long since you’ve been in every closet?

Too long I bet.

There’s plenty to be learned in those closets.
Wasted snapshots.

And you paid for them.

Get in there.

Root around.