Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tool of The Day:

I have another cool website to share with you this week:

The boys and I have been using it to practice our morning and evening routines and get chores done over the summer. We love it and I'll tell you why in a minute.

Here's How It Works:
You (The Parent) create an account then add your children each with a picture and password. 

Next you add 'jobs' for the kids, which can be anything from daily routine basics to household chores to working on long term homework assignments or practicing lines for Drama. Then you get to assign how many points will be earned for completing each task. I love that you can set different values for different jobs. For example, making the bed is 5 points while emptying trash cans is 15.

There are preset jobs to choose from or you can create your own and even add your own little picture for each job. Decide when the task should be done, whether it's morning, afternoon, daily, weekly or only certain days. Assign the job to one or more kids and save it.

At first this seemed kind of daunting to add all the stuff I wanted to do, but I decided it was best for me and the kids to just add a few new jobs each week. As some things become habits, like brushing teeth in the morning or making your bed, I will probably reduce the points value or remove them all together.

THE FUN PART: Create cool prizes that your kids can buy with their points. When they have racked up enough points they can go to 'My Store' and buy one of the rewards.

My guys have earned things like trip to the park, family game night, extra story time, ice cream cones and the favorites: Nintendo DSIs and Mario, Luigi & Buzz Lightyear Piggy Banks (which I found on eBay for $1 each!).

I love that there is less whining about getting the chores done and they love logging on to check of their jobs and of course THE REWARDS!

Feeling like your work as mom needs more benefits? Make a child account for your inner-brat too :) And treat yourself to manicures, new shoes and Me-Time!

Oh! And It's FREE! Check It Out

Friday, August 20, 2010

Tool of The Day -

I recently created a signature for my email and have been using it in newsletters for the business too. I love it and have had several comments on it so thought I would share here.

I made the signature online here

While the site isn't too flashy, it offers a simple online tool where you just type your text, pick a font, size, pitch and color and then can save the image to your computer or grab the URL and use it in your email signatures. Also great for forum sigs and (duh!) blog posts. I guess I should add it to my blog too! They also have a feature where you can just draw your own, but that is probably best when you have a drawing pad.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gorilla Vanilla

Jules' new favorite snack. He named it and even though it doesn't have Vanilla in it, I like the name :)

Gorilla Vanilla
1 cup Plain Yogurt
1 tblsp Maple syrup
1/2 cup Granola Cereal

Cascadian Farms has a Nut Free flavors!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spoonfower - Say hello to new curtains!

I am looking for new curtains for my 2 double sliding glass doors in the living room. Right now they are brown. And I love brown, but they are plain, and tired and need some life.

I spent 20 minutes on ebay looking for affordable and chic curtain panels... ewww
I spend 30 minutes on JoAnns looking for contemporary and stylish fabric to make my own... barf

I went to etsy to search, got distracted and read about the featured artist who mentioned that she prints all her fabric designs using (Enter gasp of discovery here)

You can make your own fabric? WOW

I am not that artistic. But fortunately so many others are and you can just buy their designs, which are chic, affordable, contemporary, stylish and just plain COOL

Check out some fun designs I found


Against The Current - Medium

Hurche Plaid

Harvest Flower, Summer Joy Collection by Lana Kole

No, I havent decided yet. Now I have too many choices.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tool Of The Day Introduction

Tool of the day is intended to be a regular post offering up some useful (digital) tool to make life easier, prettier, smarter or more fun. Most often they will be Free Tools, because I'm just that cheap ;)

  • No promises to publish a tool of the day everyday
  • Sometimes it may be a little on the tech/nerd side of life
  • I may or may not have an association with the entity providing the tool, but I'll let you know when I do
  • Suggestions are welcome
 First handy helpful tool coming tomorrow...