Friday, February 6, 2015

School Absent Note Template

I did the math... between my 4 kids (who are in PreK, 1st, 4th and 6th grades), I have about 38 more school years to go! It seems to me in that time they will each be absent at least 5 times a year, if not more. That means I will have to spend 190 hurried sleepless mornings scribbling absent notes for the attendance office. 

Okay, I know that my math logic is not great. 
I blame that on not having had common core in schools when I was a kid. ;)

Two weeks ago when my oldest son was out with a bad cold, I forgot about the note until we were in the drop-off loop at school. So, I grabbed the only paper available and quickly wrote him an excuse note. The paper happened to be a page from another kid's Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book. I added a sticker for good measure and sent him on his way.

Time for a better way!

I made up this basic form letter in Google Drive. I left a space to fill in the date and kid's name and my signature then printed out several copies which should get us through the remaining 5 months of school. I gave my 5 year old the task of cutting them in half (She's on scissor time-out since shes had some issues with misusing scissors to cut everything but paper inappropriate things). Now, my lovely notes are safely stored in the glovebox of the car, along with a mixed bag of other stuff (but no gloves, oddly enough).

Download School Absent Note Template (Google Drive)

Feel free to download and modify for your own school mornings when a note is the last thing on your mind!

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