Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It's Summer Time! (Safety First)

Last Day of School is tomorrow! We have lots of swimming planned this summer. Our new pool has a real deep end - 10ft with a diving board. That means being even more vigilant than ever.

My little ones, who are not yet strong swimmers still wear life jackets in the pool. I don't care if it's dorky - if you're not having 1 on 1 time learning to swim with mom, then you have to have the jacket on! It's 4 kids and only 1 mom so I have to play it safe.

Here's a great article on Slate about what REAL drowning looks like (not at all like in the movies!)

We have not done formal swim lesson, but I am working with each kid at their comfort level to teach them the basics - floating on your back, treading water, etc. Would welcome any tips from others in the comments.

Check out the video. Forward to your friends and have a safe and fun summer!

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