Wednesday, June 5, 2013

So Many More Worlds to Explore

Even though Kepler is "on the shelf", the new information we have about our galaxy and the cosmos is just amazing. These conclusions from  Marcelo Gleiser blog post on today:
Even if we are still like toddlers in our cosmic exploration, we can at least rejoice in what we have learned so far: that there are hundreds of billions of other planets in our galaxy alone (and their moons, making for trillions of other worlds); that the same plurality is true in hundreds of billions of other galaxies across space; that some of these planets will have properties similar to Earth; that life, if present in these worlds, will be very particular to each of them, dependent on the planet's detailed and unique history; and that, for this reason, we are unique in the Universe, a product of the Earth and its very unique history. 
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